Wooden Spear Shooter

Introduction: Wooden Spear Shooter

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Hello everyone, today I'll be showing you a different way of making a hand-held spear-shooter (original design in link below)

So to make this you will need a small length of a branch, about 5-6 cm wide and 10-12 cm long, a knife, a band-set, a length of inner-tubing, a 20 mm drill bit and some sandpaper.

Previous spear shooter tutorial

Step 1: Drilling

Now drill a hole in the middle of the wood. Try to drill the whole as close to the center as possible.

Step 2: Sanding

Now use the knife and sandpaper to smooth it down; bare in mind, the more you sand it, the less grip you will have.

Step 3: Finishing It Off

So the final step is to attach a standard slingshot band set

How to attach slingshot bands

So that's it, i hope everyone enjoyed this quick tutorial, if you did please comment, vote and subscribe :-)

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