Introduction: Wooden Spear for the Dispatching of Vampires.

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Yeah, thats right Edward, I am looking at you.

I decided that I wanted to produce a nice short spear prop, I was talking about making it from cheap wood and painting silver (similar to a lot of cosplay and larp props), when KentsOkay suggested I just make the spear tip from wood itself.

Why wood? because a stake in the heart is the surest way to take out a vampire.

So here is the result of that project.

The spear tip is made from a piece of scrap wood I had laying around, I draw out the rough shape I fancied (partly inspired from hellboy 2). Once I had cut out the spear shape, I then took to sculpting it with my power sander. You could sand it by hand, but it was a lot quicker that way.

The core of the spear is a metal tube, the metal tube fits onto the spear head with a metal pole, I drilled a hole into the tip the same diameter as the pole.

The tube was then covered in sheet tyre rubber, with a little sculpting using scrap wood at the end of the handle.

To finish I used a mix of a leather grip with a wire trim, and a thread based grip that is made by winding white cotton around the handle, then staining it in the same colour I used on the spear tip. I used PVA to seal the thread grip. Most of the leather was attached using hot glue gun.

Sorry this is not a full instructable, but I was just having too much fun making it to stop and take pictures. Combined with not wanting my expensive DSLR in the same room as all that sanding, and I decided a slideshow would suite best.

Slideshows are an under appreciated format, which is a shame, because it suits this kind of unique one off projects very well.

- gmjhowe