Introduction: Wooden Sword

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A fun little toy for every one ( I'm 12 so give me a break

Step 1: Draw Your Cutout

I based mine on a fellow instructeble ( just the shape )

Step 2: Cut It Out

I used a jigsaw ( the wood is a one by three )

Step 3: Round the Edges

I used the jigsaw to cut off the edge( this is NOT the proper way to use a jigsaw

Step 4: Take a Break

I used Netflix

Step 5: Grind

I used a grinder ( it was coarse )

Step 6: Sand It Down

I used really fine sand paper ( go with the grain, it will come out smoother )

Step 7: Take a Break

He used napping

Step 8: Add Your Finish

I used minwax wood finish( let It dry over night)

Step 9: Add Polyurethane

I used zar clear wood finish ( the instructions on how to use it are on the can, same thing with the first wood finish) let dry for 2 hours put another coat then let dry for 3 but I recommend leaving it out all night and day to air out

Step 10: Your Done!!!!!!!

Go nuts! But remember its gonna get dinged up.

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