Wooden Tackle Box and Rod Storage

Introduction: Wooden Tackle Box and Rod Storage

The purpose of this wooden structure will allow you to store 4 fishing rods and numerous plano, size 3600, tackle boxes. It is made out of four, eight foot two by fours, one sheet of one quarter inch wood (3' x 4'), one sheet of one half inch wood (3' x 4'), and cork board (2' x 4'). It is made to give you a place to store all of youer fishing gear and quickly hang any lurers or pictures of any great catches.

Step 1: Cutting the Wood Needed

Measure six 48 inch cuts on 3 of the 4 two by fours and cut at 90 degrees.

This should give you 6, 48 inch two by fours.

Measure six 10 inch cuts on the last remaining two by four and cut each at 90 degrees.

These cuts should give you six 10 inch two by fours and leave a 36 inch two by four that will be used later in the build.

Measure one 36 inch cut across each of the sheets of wood and cut at 90 degrees.

Step 2: Glueing the Columns and Shelfs

Using three of the 48 inch two by fours, use wood glue to glue them together on their narrower sides. Once the glue is applied to the wood use two clamps to hold the wood together till the glue is dry.

Repeat the last step with the remaining 48 inch two by fours.

Next, use the wood glue to glue together three of the six 10 inch two by fours and clamp them until they dry.

Repeat the last step with the remaining 10 inch two by fours.

Step 3: Creating the Shelf Structure

Using 3 wood screws on each side of the shelf screw in each shelf, one side at a time, _____ inches from each side. Once you have screwed the shelves in on one side, screw the other column into the structure (Making sure the bottom of the structure is aligned evenly.

Step 4: Creating Rod Holder

Clamp the 36 inch two by four into vice grip. Next measure and mark every 4 inches from the ends. Make two marks on each side.

Then using a 1 inch spade bit drill out 4 holes in the wood, making sure that there is only half of a circle left that is cut out. This is used to place your rods in.

Step 5: Making Cork-Board

First using the rod holder and the one quarter inch sheet of wood, glue the rod holder at the bottom of the board and clamp it till the glue dries.

Next lay out the cork-board onto the sheet of wood and glue it as center as possible. Stretch it across the whole sheet of wood and use an X-acto knife to cut the excess off of the board.

Step 6: Putting the Pieces Together

Using wood glue, center the shelf structure onto the 1/2 inch wood and glue it to the very back of the sheet of wood.

Once the shelf is dry and secure, center the cork-board/rod holder structure and use wood glue to secure it to the top of the shelf structure. Once glued, clamp the board and let it dry for an hour or more.

Step 7: Conclusion

Throughout this project I felt confident that it would be completed on time and be a great fisnished prduct. One of the things taht I would have done differently would be to add a backing on the shelf structure sop that its not empty in the back. Also, if I had more time i would have sanded and stained the wood so it would have a much more professional appearance to the project. I think that the entire shelf stucture came out very well and I am most proud of that part of the project. Not only was it the most difficult part of the project but it was also the part that would make or break the finished product. That is why I am very proud of the finsihed product as a whole.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Cool project! That looks like a great way to organize and store your fishing gear. Nicely done.