Introduction: Wooden Team Logo

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Hello sports fans! In this instructable, I will teach you how to make your sport team's logo, with a base that looks like the team's home state.

Note: I am a fan of the KC Chiefs, but it will look cooler with your team and state! please do not be offended if you don't like the Chiefs. This is simply a tutorial where I used the Chiefs.


To make your team's logo with wood, you will need:

burning kit (if you do not have a burning kit, you can sometimes use a black sharpie. however, I found that it did not look as cool as it does when you use a burning kit)

compass (the kind use for drawing, not navigation)



mouse sander/ orbital sander




whittling knives (optional)

wood 2x4 (about an inch thick)

wood 2x4 (about 1/2 an inch thick)

wood stain (optional)

wooden dowel rods

Step 1: Cut Wood to Desired Length/ Sanding

First you should cut your base and logo. Before we get into fine artistic details, we should sand it down so all the edges and surfaces are smooth. your base can be whatever size you choose, but your logo should be the same size as the base or anywhere bigger, yet not so big it is unbalanced.

Step 2: The Logo

Ok, I don't have too many pictures for this part. Find a picture of your logo online and using a ruler, compass, pencil, eraser, etc. draw the logo on the block of wood you will use for your logo. Cut your drawing out. I did mine with an electric saw. You will also need to drill 2 holes on the bottom of your logo. They should be large enough to fit the dowel rods into, yet not so large that the dowel rods are loose.

Step 3: The Base

On your base piece of wood, drill 2 holes in the top of the wood. Just like the in the last step, they should be large enough to fit the dowel rods into, yet not so large that the dowel rods are loose. Please note that the distance between your holes on the base should be equal to that of the holes on the logo. You should then cut the dowel rods to a size that will fit evenly (no picture shown). Draw your team's name onto the wood beneath the holes. If you want, you could also write in when the team started up to this year. In the case of the KC Chiefs, their first year was 1960. You could also write in all of your team's Superbowl/ World Series wins and what years they won. Sadly, if I were to do this on my project, I would only write the number 1967 on it. :(

Of course, putting years on your project is optional. I did not do it on mine, but it will make a cool feature if your team has plenty of wins. (lol good luck Patriots fans/ Steelers fans)

Step 4: Burning

Using the burning kit, fill in the drawing you made in the last step. Please note that I really don't care how tough you are. Safety comes first! Please wear thick gloves while using the burning kit.

If you are instead using a sharpie to complete this step, just "color in" your drawings.

Step 5: Finishing Touches (optional)

As an addition to your base, you could make your base look like a state or country. Draw the outlines of your state or country onto the base. Using whatever you have to cut fine details (like a 3D wood cutter or whittling knives), cut these sections out. I cut mine to look like Kansas. you can also apply stain.

Over all, this project takes up about 1 hour to make. If you choose to add all the optional steps, it can take up to an hour and a half.

Lastly, I will say that I am not responsible for any injuries that occur using saws or burning kits. I hope you enjoyed this project. Please be sure to vote for me in the 1-hour Challenge!

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