Introduction: Wooden Terrace Planter

I have decided to have one these planters on my terrace. After seeing many of them which are commercial sold I have decided that doing mine would suit me better. I have done my research on many websites and decided to go for design that I will introduce you bellow. If you have any suggestions to the improvement, please comment my instructables. Since I am not professional and I am just trying my best, I am looking for any advice which can move my skills forward.:)

The planter dimension are approx. 600 mm high x 1200 mm wide and 300 mm deep.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


- 7 pieces of terrace boards 27 mm x 142 mm x 3000 mm (I used larch wood)
- 3 pieces of wood laths 40 mm x 60 mm x 3000 mm (I used larch wood)
- 5 m role of landscaping fabric
- box of 4 x 50 screws to the wood
- 100 litres of keramzit (or some material to the bottom of your planter)
- 300 litres of soil


- Hand circular saw
- Japanese hand saw
- Cordless drill
- Square
- Drill bits
- Screw driver bits
- Tape Measure
- Pencil

Step 2: Preparation

I cut all the wooden part to its needed length. I needed:

6 x 1200 mm long long sides from terrace boards
6 x 550 mm long shortsides from terrace boards
4 x 600 mm long legs from wood laths

Note: on the picture you can see more wooden legs, because I actually made two of these wooden planters on my terrace.

First, assembly the base of the planter from the part which are noted above. Then measure the dimension inside of the planter to cut the wood for the bottom part which will hold the soil.

For mine planter I used bot terrace wood and wood laths as support. Be careful and make holes in the bottom because of drainage.

Step 3: Assembly

When you have got all parts cut to its size you are almost half way done.

Now there is only one tricky part and that is to screw down the legs of your planter in correct angle. Be careful and measure twice before putting a screw there.

I used 6 x screws for each side to be hold on the leg. So just take time and screw everything together. This part is best done with a friend and couple of beers. :)

After the assembly, now it is time to put there a f landscaping fabric on the bottom which will hold the soil and the water inside you planter. However, when it is raining the landscaping fabric will let the water pour down from your planter. (I used stapler for holding the landscaping fabric on the wood)

Step 4: Fill

Finally, this part is for most of the people the least stressful on. This is actually why you made it.

Get you car and go to the nearest hobby shop for the soil. You will need plenty of it (best way is to measure your planter which you made and simply count the volume a*b*c=V).

Last part is just fun, put there anything what you want to plant on your terrace/garden/...:)

If you made it to this way, congratulations. You made it!

I am looking forward for seeing any comments or photos of your planters.:)