Introduction: Wooden Tissue Box

I made a wooden tissue box.

The used sftware is inkscape since it has a lot of options and it is free. For this project I also used Solid Edge.

Step 1: Making Parts in Solid Edge

I used Solid edge for the different parts. I like the program since it is extremely easy to make cutouts.

Its critical that the different sides of the box are matched to eachother. In Solid Edge, you can assemble the parts to make sure.

The inner dimensions can easily be found by measuring a carton box with tissues. I took a few extra millimeters to make sure that the air can escape when sliding in a tissue container.

You can choose how many fingers you give each side. I decided that I wanted 3 fingers on the shortest edge, which is the vertical edge. Next, I took similar dimensions for all the other fingers on the other edges of the box.

I considered the hole in the top part to be elliptical, which is determined by with and length. I took this a little bit smaller than the carton's hole so you can't see the plastic or carton.

Step 2: Assembling in Inkscape

I converted all the Solid Edge parts to drafts and then to pdf. Next, I imported the pdf's in Inkscape the arrange them. The lasercutter can handle up to 30cmx60cm.

After printing, don't forget to net clue the top part ofcourse.

Remember to use some sandpaper to remove burned sections of the wood.