Introduction: Wooden Toy Fire Truck

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Hello everyone!

In this instructable I will show you how you can make a wooden toy Fire Truck! It's a great Christmas present with the holidays right around the corner.

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Step 1: The Cutting List

What you'll need for this build:

Base (1x): L 32cm, W 9cm, T 1.8cm
Rear Cabin:
- Part 1 (2x): L 16cm, W 6cm, T 1cm
- Part 2 (1x): L 4.6cm, W 6cm, T 1cm
- Part 3 (1x): L 4.6cm, W 6cm, T 5cm

Front Cabin:

- Part 1 (1x): L 6cm, W 6.6cm, T 1cm
- Part 2 (2x): L 3.5cm, W 3cm, T 1cm
- Part 3 (1x): L 6.6cm, W 4cm, T 2.5cm
- Part 4 (1x): L 7cm, W 6.6cm, T 1cm

Water Tank (1x): L 5cm, W 4.5cm, T 2.2cm

Ladders on the side (4x): L 15cm, W 8mm, T 1cm

Ladder on top (2x): L 31.5cm, W 8mm, T 1cm

Ladder Support (1x): L 5cm, W 2.1cm, T 1cm

Turning mechanism:
- Part 1 (1x): L 4.6cm, W 6cm, T 1cm
- Part 2 (2x): L 4.6cm, W 2.5cm, T 9mm

Ladder support (1x): L 10.5cm, W 1.2cm, T 1cm

Small piece on 6mm dowel: L 1.4cm, W 1.4cm, T 5mm

Mudguards (4x): T 1.4cm

Step 2: The Base

The wheel recess at the front starts at 2.5cm. At the back it starts at 3.5cm. In the front it is 4.5cm long, and in the back it is 9.5cm long. The width is 1.2cm. I'm using wheels with diameter 40mm. Cut out the recess on the bandsaw. After you've done that, you'll need to round over the front corners of the base.

Drill 7mm holes for the axles of the wheels. One hole at the front, two at the back.

Step 3: The Front Cabin

In the first picture you can see I'm sanding the front piece of the cabin. I'm rounding over the top edges. When you've done that, you need to drill 2 6mm holes for 6mm dowels. Glue the cabin together. Cut some shallow grooves on the tablesaw. Two on the sides and three at the front.

If you've glued the roof and the 6mm dowels in place, you can chamfer the edges on the routertable.

Step 4: The Water Tank

Mark and drill 3 6mm holes on each side of the water tank, in the middle. Glue in 6mm dowels on each side and cut them off to 5mm length.

Glue the water tank onto the base, behind the front cabin.

Step 5: The Ladders

You'll need two short ladders on the side, and one long ladder on the top.

Mark and drill 7 5mm holes. Start at the left with spacings of 2cm each time. I did not drill all the way through. Glue in 5mm dowels.

Step 6: The Rear Cabin

When you've glued all the pieces of the rear cabin together, you can start adding the details.

Insert 2 8mm dowels on each side to give the ladders some support.

For the turning mechanism: Cut out 1.5 x 1.2cm spacing. And drill a 4mm hole through the side. Drill a 7mm hole in the middle of the turning mechanism.

Picture nr. 3: Drill a 6mm hole in this little piece for a 6mm dowel. Glue in the dowel.

Picture nr. 2 & 3 will be the turning mechanism for the ladder on top.

On picture nr. 4 you can see how I'm glueing it all together. But before you glue one side panel onto the turning mechanism, you need to drill a 3mm hole in the side panel.

Cut out a square on the ladder support (picture nr. 5). Sand it smooth, and put it together in the turning mechanism. Glue in a 3mm dowel.

Step 7: The Assembly

Now glue in the turning mechanism with the dowel in the rear cabin. Use a washer under and above the turning mechanism. After this step you can glue in the ladder and the other sidepanel.

On picture nr. 3 you can see I've cut out the front mudguard, I made it out of some thicker stock. My wood is 3cm thick, so I've cut the mudguard in half so I had two 14mm thick front mudguards. Also cut out the rear mudguards. After you've glued them on, you can install the wheels.

To finish the assembly glue on the ladder support/siren.

I'm finishing all my toys with some mineral oil.

If you want to see the full video:

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