Wooden Toy Rabbit

Introduction: Wooden Toy Rabbit

I Made a Wooden toy Rabbit for my Woods 1 class this year, i chose a rabbit because i thought little kids who wanted a rabbit would play with it a lot more.

Step 1: Wooden Toy Rabbit by Donovahnn

1. Gathering you materials

Wooden template, Wooden plank for the toy, Pencil, My picture of a rabbit, Drill Press, Bench saw, Wood paint- colors may vary..., Paint brushes, Sandpaper, Machine sander, Axle x4/wheels x4, Band saw, Wood glue, Sharpie/marker, Scissors, Router saw, Drill bit

Step one of the construction: The image

Find your rabbit image on the internet,
Print it out, Get your sharpie and cartoonize the picture, Cut the cartoon picture out

Step two of construction: Template

Get your template,
Trace cartoon animal onto template, Cut out animal using band saw, Sand your cut out animal on the sides were cut

Step three of construction: The blank

Trace your animal onto the blank,
Cut your animal out with the band saw, Router all of the sides of the animal with the router saw, Sand your animal with the machine sander, Sand it manually so all saw marks are gone

Step four of construction: Drilling

Mark blank with pencil on where you want to cut the holes out at,
Get a extra piece of wood and place underneath your blank so the drill bit can go all the way through without damaging or messing up the alignment, Line up the bit with your hole marking, Drill through your marking, Sand again to get the ruff marks left from the drill

Step five of the construction: painting your toy

Paint the whole toy as a base black,
Paint a white eyeball on each side of the face, Paint a pink nose on one side crossing the front and going onto the other side, Paint a pink ear inlet on the ear part on both sides, Paint a little puff of white paint to resemble the tail on each side of the bunny on the back

Step six of construction: The wheels

Get your four wheels and axles,
Make sure your axle fits in your two cut out holes, Put wood glue in the holes on one side, Put the wheel on the axle and then put the axle in the whole, Repeat the previous step four times, Then you let the wheels dry, then Spin the wheels to make sure all of them spin

Completed Toy

The complete toy! What i did well in this build is I stayed on time with turning everything in, what i didn't do the best on and should've taken more time is on the painting of the toy. Your toy should be smooth and routed and ready to have fun with enjoy!

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    Lectric Wizard
    Lectric Wizard

    4 years ago

    Once made a bunch of simple toys like these to sell at farmers markets. Only sold a few but everyone who bought them said the kids threw the fancy plastic toys aside and spent hours playing with the simple wooden ones. The appeal of imagination beats the fancy stuff every time. Thanks for sharing,it's cute!


    4 years ago

    This is cute :)