Introduction: Wooden Tree

For the baby room, I had the idea to cut out a large tree in wood to hang teddy bears (or sugar beans first).

Step 1: Print on Paper and Cut Out

First there was the search for a suitable image, in which all parts are attached to each other and not, for example, with loose leaves.
Once I found them, I printed them out on A4 paper.
I cut the tree completely with a cutter knife.

Step 2: Project With Flashlight

Then I hung it on the ceiling of my workspace with clips and drawstrings so that it remained straight and could move as little as possible.
Behind that I placed a strong flashlight that projected the shape of the tree onto the MDF board.
It was mainly a question of finding the right distance between lamp and tree and between tree and MDF board.

Step 3: Trace the Shadow on the Board

I completely traced the shadow of the drawing in pencil.
In order to avoid mistakes, parts are indicated as much as possible.
I placed my plate on 2 trestles to make sure I did not cut into my work table.

Step 4: Remove Inner Parts

I first sawed all the inner parts with a seesaw.
The outer parts, last to maintain stability.
I first drilled a hole in every part for my saw to pass through.
After sawing I finished further with a file for nice curves and to remove saw marks.

Step 5: Remove Outer Parts

Then I did the outer parts, but I always drilled a hole for my saw and did not cut to the edge.
I did that to maintain stability. It is clearer in the photo.
I still left large parts hanging together, later I remove these hatched parts.

Step 6: Remove Top Half

Then I loosened the outer parts, sometimes I skipped one so that the tree would not fall through.
In the end I was able to remove the top half.
I also laid 2 extra pans across the trestles.

Step 7: The Trunk of the Tree

Then I cut out the trunk of the tree.
I shifted the transverse pans so that it would not fall down and break off the branches.
Finally I cleared the bottom part of the branches.

Step 8: Finish

With the pieces of surplus that I sawed away next to the trunk,
I made 2 legs so that the tree remains beautiful.
I'm definitely going to treat it, but don't know how yet,
maybe in brown / green, or else just a protective layer.