Introduction: Wooden Volkswagen Bus

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This is a great project if you are bored for a weekend. And now that its mothersday in a few days you can make her something yourself. It takes about two days to complete, this is because the woodglue has to harden overnight. You will also be using the transfermarker to put the bus partern on both sides. If you want to learn how to use the transfer marker you can watch the video or go here: You need one plank of at least 10 cm by 50 cm or 3.9 by 19 inches.

Step 1: Cut and Assemble

First you want to print out both sides of the volkswagen bus. Make sure you print them out with a lazerjet printer. If you don't do this than you can't transfer the ink to the wood. After you print the two sides out stick them on the wood. Then cut them out with your woodsaw. After you cut them out make sure you sand them down really good. Especialy the sides. Now cut out two 5 cm by 7 cm or 1.5 by 2.7 inches. Also cut one 5 cm by 12 cm or 1.5 by 4.7 inches long piece. Now put everything together. If you want to see how to put the pieces togther just watch the video. Now sand and cut everything to the shape of the side pieces. Also sand these down. In the end you have a small bus shaped pen, coaster, spoon, candy... Ect.

Step 2: The Bus Print

Now get the shapes you used to cut out the side panel shapes. And put them on the sides face down. Rub the tip of the transfer marker over it and then rub the paper with a spoon. Do this until the whole picture is on the side. Also do this with the other side. If you still dont understand than first watch the video, and if you still dont understand just ask me in the comments.

Your done. Have fun with your pen/coasterholder. This is a great thing to give on mothersday.