Introduction: Wooden Wall Decor DIY

A simple idea for wall decoration.

Material used in this speed up tutorial is 4 cm thick beech board but any kind of plywood or other materials can be used. After simple drafting straight onto boards, a hole is drilled in each sharp corner of drawing so sanding is much easier to perform later on. These holes also provide start and finish points for your jigsaw and are much softer on the eye than sharp edges. After sawing, remove all coarse parts with sharp chisel , sand the surfaces as much as possible. I used rotary tool with small sanding bit where i couldn't fit a larger sanding bit that goes on a drill. All inner parts are routed with roundover bit and outer frame edges with ogee fillet bit. After final sanding, everything is spray painted in matte black color. Two holes are drilled at an angle on each part so that frames can be mounted easily on the wall.