Introduction: Rainbow Wooden Water Color Skyline Wall Art

Make a beautiful wall art hanging with reclaimed wood, a laser cutter and watercolor!

Step 1: Supplies

-A Piece of Reclaimed wood, rectangular shaped, or you can cut it to be a rectangle

-The piece I used came from the old deck (I believe it was a floorboard)

-A black and white image (from google) of your favorite city's silhouette

-Watercolor paints

-A laser engraver

-Optional: Clear varnish

Step 2: Laser Cutting the Skyline

-Set up the drawing file (I used Inventor) with the image and vector lines around it, leaving extra space on the bottom of the skyline image

-Get your laser engraver ready to go and place the wood piece in the cutter


Step 3: Watercolor Painting

-Paint in the water color pigment heavily in the top part of the skyline

-Use whatever colors you would like, making sure to cover most of the image

-Have a cup of water and brushes handy

-Use the water to blend the paint down the picture, allowing drips to run down the wood

-You will need a lot of water to make the pigment flow down the board and create the drippy look

-It was helpful to paint in the pigment while the board was laying down, and lean it up on something for putting the water on so that the paint dripped down

-Let dry

Step 4: Optional Varnishing

-After it has dried, use a clear varnish to seal in the paint and keep the wood water tight

-I used DEFT clear wood finish gloss spray

-The finish is a good idea if the art will be hanging outside in the weather, as if the watercolor is exposed to water it will run, but the clear coat will protect it

-If you decide to finish it, make sure you are in a well ventilated area so that the fumes will not hurt you

Step 5: Done! Admire Your Beautiful Work

-Hang it up

-Or lean it against a wall


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