Introduction: Wooden Whale Toy

I am going to show you how to make a wooden toy whale out of just one piece of wood!

Step 1: Template and Getting Started

First, you have to make your whale template. You have to find a picture of a whale on the internet, then print out a picture of the whale. Then trace it onto a cardboard piece and cut it out. Then cut out a wooden slab that fits the whale template

Step 2: Outline and Wheel Holes

Then you have to trace out the whale outline on the wooden slab. Then cut it out on the bandsaw. And then you have to cut out the wheel holes.

Step 3: Router the Edges

Next, you have to round you edges on your toy using the router table.

Step 4: Sanding Your Toy

Now you just have to get a smooth finish to sand the toy until it’s all nice and smooth.

Step 5: Painting and Detail

Trace what parts of your toy you are going to paint. Then all you have to do is paint your toy and then once all of the paint is dry glue the wheels on. well there you have your finished wooden whale toy.