Introduction: Wooden Wine Rack and Coaster (Works With Water Too But It's Less Fun..)

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Hi !

My boyfriend is always doing DIY. In his last project (a lamp) he did holes in a wooden board. I told him to make me 2 others same wooden boards. That's the way I have decided to make a bottle rack and write my first instructable so please be nice, I'm a beginner.

Step 1: Supplies

To buy supplies, I went to the DIY store..

What you need :

  • Wood offcut. You can use any piece of wood you want. mine were already pierced.
  • Threaded rod, nuts and washers (in same diameter !)
  • You can use too thermal sheath but it's optional

The tools you need are saber saw and drill.

Step 2: Cuting, Drilling and Screwing

The hole : My boyfriend used a hole saw to make them. I saved the wooden disk and I'll show you how I used them on a following part.

  • You have to cut your piece of wood at right size, I used saber saw. If you want straight line cutting, please don't use that tool ! It's too imprecise.

Next time I'll use table saw.

  • Pile the 3 pieces of wood and drill each corner to pass threaded rod.

Step 3: Assembly

The assembly is really simple.

  • The sketch shows what you have to do.

I add thermal sheath to be sure to have easily the same distance between pieces of wood.

Step 4: Another Offcut Reuse : Wooden Coaster

Holes drilling made a lot of wooden disk.

  • You can sand the edge and use them like wooden coaster.

Step 5: Now Let's Have a Drink !

I've enjoyed carrying this project out.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope I gave you some ideas !

If you liked this intructable and if you have any questions or tips please let me know and don’t forget to vote for it !

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