Introduction: Wooden and Cement Casted Pendrives

Here is my exploration for different materials in different applications.

Step 1: Dip It ,let It Dry and Take It Out.

Sorry guys I dont have the steps images here for this one,but I will try to explain best I can.

Wooden pendrive

For the first time tried polishing wood,and realised how difficult to achieve glass finish.I took some help from modelmaker .I put standard pendrive I had with me inside the wood block.I need to core the wood out .As it was difficult to achieve the stop surface smooth and perfectly perpendicular i made the hole through aligned it perfectly with sides.To cover the open hole I put another thin plate on the back side,hence the line.I applied wax -2 layers,and 4 layers of varnish to get a decent finish.applying varnish uniformly was quite challenging.Wax helped filling the micro holes on surface and varnish to make it shine.

cement casted pendrive

I used a deodorant cap as a mold for this cast.Also prepare the pendrive better before putting it into the cement,or the cement will enter pendrive.Usually taping it is a good idea,you can also use hot glue to seal it.

process is very simple dip it ,let it dry and take it out.

Step 2:

And its done.share your builds too.