Introduction: Wooden External HD

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This is just a sum-up of a oneday project. It is in fact rather simple, and no fancy tools are required.

The bright wood is willow, dark is moor oak. If you don't have access to moor oak, but you like the look, you can always stain a piece of oak to your desire. But pay attention when applying the finish. It has to be the same base as the stain.

The side is made from random rests I had around. The oak plate is rather thin and brittle, so I had to pay attention not to break it during building. Everything is glued together, so no screws!

For the electronics I used a "SATA to USB"-board you can find for a few bucks. The USB connector on that board was removed and a short usb-cable with a female end soldered in place. This allowed me to position the connector in this rather unusual position. The harddisk is surrounded by thin sheets of foam, in order to absorb shocks and too keep it in place. Also, the foam insulates the disks electronics, which otherwise could get contact to the wood.
Finally everything got sanded and two layers of teak oil were applied.