Introduction: Wooden Framed Floppy Disc Coaster

Ye olde floppy disc already makes a pretty good coaster for your tasty beverage, but  things always look better framed....

Step 1: Selecting the Disc and Taking Appropriate Measurements.

There were a large selection of colours used on floppy discs so why not go for something bright? I used a black one though... You can see from the plans that a floppy disc is 9x9.4 cm so for it to sit correctly in the frame. I decreased these measurements by a centimetre so there would a 0.5cm cut away around the inside of the frame, deep enough for the disc to fit inline with the frame.

Step 2: Selecting the Wood and Cutting to Length.

I chose a piece of shaped edging wood for my frame, but plain wood works just as well if not better; as it doesn't move around as much whilst working with it due to its shape. 
First off i marked the 0.5cm along the length of the which will be routed out later to accept the disc. 
I used a saw which allowed me to easily cut the 45 degrees, but it's easy enough to work out if you don't have one. 
If using shaped wood like myself it's very important to get the angles right so the shape of the wood meets up correctly at the joints!
So once all the pieces are cut you should have two 8cm and two 8.4cm  which are ready for rounding.

Step 3: Routing Out Excess Wood and Frame Assembly.

Weirdly not everyone may own a router but the same effect can be reached with a chisel and hammer or a file and lots and lots of filing....
I've set the router and cut the desired depth (0.3 ~0.4ish) and rigged it so I have the wood clamped level so the cut is the correct depth.
Once all pieces are finished I used a standard wood glue to do two sections at a time making sure it was all straight!

Step 4: Finishing Touches.

I decided to add a lick of paint but you can varnish or just leave the wood as it is. 
The floppy disc was secured with a small amount of wood glue and staples. 
I also attached small pieces of stick on felt to give some protection against scratching grandma's coffee table.
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