Introduction: Wooden IPod Charger and Headphone Holder

This is a cool little project that I had been wanting to make for a while. It looks great on my desk in my room and is something I am very pleased with.

I was originally going to add in a charging cord for my iPod but have just got a new iPod but it didn't come with one. If you still want this in your design all you would need to do is drill out where the charger comes through under the iPod and then carve a groove on the underside for the cable to come out.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

To complete this project you will need to have some tools and materials.

• wooden offcuts (I found some nice offcuts of pine from when I was putting up a shed)
• jigsaw or handsaw
• pencil
• ruler
• PVA or hot glue
• files
• sandpaper
• drill
• paint and paintbrush

And of course an iPod/phone and headphones

Step 2: Cutting Out Pieces

From the wood you will need to cut out 6 pieces

• 13cm by 25cm
• 7cm by 1cm
• 10cm by 8cm
• 10cm by 8cm
• 3cm by 3cm
• now you need a T shape with a top of 7cm, width of 3cm and a height of 8cm

Step 3: Shaping and Sanding

First I decided to cut the corners off some pieces for look.

After that I used a file and filed away the edges to give it some shape.

Then I took some sandpaper and gave it a good sand so it ended up nice and flush.

I then took a look at my headphones and drilled a hole into the square piece of wood to hold the plug.

Step 4: Gluing and Fitting Pieces

Next I glued the pieces together as shown in pictures making sure that my headphones would fit without them stretching too much.

Step 5: Painting/Varnishing

I decided to paint mine blue but if you would prefer to varnish that would look cool too.