Introduction: Wooden Jewelry/gift Box With Living Hinges

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Hi there! As I told you recently when publishing my previous photo Instructable, We love letters: Scrabble wooden (bamboo) brooch, I've finished the design (and fabbing) of a git box for my aunt's birthday.

Here is the needed material:
  • a sheet of white masonite (3mm)
  • a sheet of cork (3mm)
  • the current Instructable
  • the appropriate attached design file
  • a laser cutter 
  • No glue, no supplementary tool needed
The design is relatively straightforward:
  • 1 main sheet (top+bottom+front+rear sides of the box)
  • 2 sheets for the left and right-hand sides.
  • 1 small piece to hold the box closed

I used the following techniques:
  • the living hinge, from SNIJLAB (in the Netherlands). They found how to bend rigid materials like wood, ply, medium or PMMA (aka plexiglas or perspex) while cutting them as you can see on the photos.
  • nodes, following instructions of Dan Emery, to make interlocking joints (between the base and the side pieces)
  • reducing the cutting lines, to reduce the cutting time, energy & cost.

Well, how do you find it? Could it be improved? Can you help me find an idea to skip the last piece that I use to hold the box closed?

As always, I design it basic so that you fab it custom, show me your creations based on this model!!!

Thanks for any comment, I love reading & answering you!
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