Introduction: Wooden Paddle Repair

I have an old canoe paddle that was starting to fall apart. Using tools at Tech Shop, I was able to restore this paddle for many more years of use.

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Step 1: Sand Down Paddle

First, I sanded down the paddle with 150 and then 300 grit sandpaper using an orbital sander. This removed the existing finish and prepared the wood for gluing and the next step.

I left the finish around the logo to not damage that.

Step 2: Rough Cut and Glue

To replace the piece of the handle that broke off, I roughly cut out a block on the bandsaw and glued it on. I also glued together the split in the bottom section.

I used titebond III wood glue which worked pretty well.

Step 3: Shape Handle

I then refined the handle shape, first on the bandsaw, then on the belt sander, and then finished with the orbital sander.

Using the orbital sander to smooth out the glue joints, after the glue dried, loosened up other joints and caused other pieces to break off. I suggest hand sanding after the first pass.

Once it was all smooth, I applied 4 coats of a glossy marine finish.