Introduction: Woodland Des Res :)

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I have been working on a woodland trail for wheelchair users and I wanted a few magical bits and pieces like, for instance, the fairy home up in a tree, but the one I want to describe here is the bird box.

On the face of it "just a bird box" the reality is that it is a "tardis" (bigger on the inside than it is on the outside). Instead of a hole for the birds to get in it has a door spy-hole.....

Step 1: What Is Within... and Without

On the outside there is a solar panel, this is connected to a set of three white LED's ( I tried UV lights but prefered the white), the lights are passed through the slot in the back of the box, this will light up the interior.

The last photo shows the inside of the door spy-hole

Step 2: More of What's Is All Done With Mirrors

The interior is all plasticard hot glued together. to add three more rooms I inset mirrors in the back and on one side, the view from above shows the wall and floor of the reflected upstairs room, these parts are out of the field of view of the spy hole.

All the inside was spray painted in nice bright colours, the view through the hole is without the spy-hole in place to give an idea of how the extra rooms work.

Step 3: Moving in Day

The furniture is just some dolls house kits that I found online

First 2 photo's were just to get an idea of where the furniture will go, the next 2 show the final positions. I also tried to photograph through the can see how well that went!

Looking through the spyhole by eye works very well, you can get a great view of all the rooms.

All I need to do now is mount it on a pole in the woods!

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