Introduction: Woodpecker Suet Holder

Hello!! Welcome to my guide on how to make your own woodpecker suet-holder or more commonly known as a bird feeder!

Materials Needed:

1 Milk Container

4 - 6 Zip Ties

1 wire to hang the Suet Holder

1 wire-mesh 8"x8"

1+ Suet

Tools Needed:


Hole Punch

Wire-Cutter / Metal Snips



Step 1: Drink Milk!

Gather a one gallon plastic container. It can be from milk, water or even juice. If it isn't empty finish it off and make sure it is clean!

Step 2: Purchase Woodpecker Suet to Feed the Birds!

You can find suet at most home and garden stores, or you can try (online bird supply). I even found suet at the grocery store!

Step 3: Cut a Square of Wire Mesh

This is the part that will keep the suet in the feeder and prevent a squirrel from taking it all at once. It can be cut from chicken-wire or even from a package. I used two separate pieces of wire-mesh and zip tied them together.

Step 4: Cut the Bottom Off the Milk Container

Be safe! Use scissors and be careful. The part you will be using is the square part with a bottom for a side and an empty space where the wire-mesh will be situated. You can even use the excess top-half to bail out a boat.

Step 5: Assemble

Insert the mesh into the milk container to ensure it fits, otherwise make sure you trim it.

Step 6: Punch Holes

Punch four holes in each side to attach the wire-mesh to your cut milk container with zip ties. Make sure the holes are large enough to accommodate your zip-ties. If you prefer to use a hole punch or sharp object that may work as well. Be careful though if you use a knife!

Make sure to punch a hole for the hanging wire or string!

Step 7: Adding the Suet

While you are doing that take zip ties and fasten the mesh to the milk container after putting the new suet inside it.

Add your fastening wire or string to hang the feeder.

Step 8: Find a Partner and Hang It Up!

Be careful climbing trees you monkey! Make sure to hang your feeder low enough so that you don't have to climb a ladder each time you replace the suet! Try to place it somewhere that birds might fly to and also an accessible place for them.

Step 9: Wait for the Birds to Come Find It!

Enjoy your new bird feeder. Feed those birds!

Remember to share your findings and take photographs of the creatures that visit your feeder!

Step 10: Be Quick to Refill Your Feeder!

After you've made your feeder and fed your first set of birds be sure to refill your feeder so your birds stay nearby! I like to shop at Duncraft for my supplies.