Woodwork Wine Rack

Introduction: Woodwork Wine Rack

Do you like wine? Do you like things hanging on the wall that hold your wine for you? Do you in fact like to have a wine rack hanging in your kitchen? If any of your answers to the questions were yes then this Inscructable is for you! This specific presentation here is here to show you how to make your own personal wine rack out of wood.

In this Instructable we will go in depth on how to make this wine rack, each step will provide a picture and a short explanation on what we're doing and tips on how to do it.

Step 1: The Back and Base

As you can see in the two pictures, we decided to start with the base and back first the back piece of wood. Now depending on how big you want your wine rack is a factor of the measurements. When making the wine rack there are a few things we must consider to ourselves. Let's say we have dimensioned our base of the wine rack to be 4"L x 3"W x 5"H. We want the sides to be 1"L x 3"W x 5"H. A question remains - do you want the sides to be on top of the base or to the side of the base? If you are fine with a 6 inch base then you could put the sides to the side of the base. If you are intent with the base being 4 inches then the sides must go on top of the base. Note that pieces like the back or the front of the wine rack will be affected by this, so it is important to draft out your construct first. Once you've made your sketch you can start building.

Base: 24"L x 1"W x 6"H

Back: 24"L x 1"W x 12"H

Step 2: Thinking How to Set It Up

Now at this step you can decide either making a low height wine rack or a high height wine rack. In our instance we are making a high height one.

Creating our wine rack we had decided on making our pieces surround the base, meaning the side pieces will be on the outside the rack as a whole covering over the front, base, and back piece.

Step 3: Setting Up the Exterior

In this step we are setting up the exterior of the wine rack for two purposes. To see what it looks like and to connect the wood with screws (If you want to use nails you can). Now for the wine rack what we're going for is a tall back piece and a small front piece so as you walk up to the wine rack you can see the name of the wine and pick the one you want.

Left & Right Sides: 7"L x 1"W x 12"H

Step 4: Adding the Dividers

As many know racks have dividers to separate what the racks are holding for example shoe racks have little things sticking out that hold the shoes and keep the pairs of shoes together. Here we are measuring the width measurement of the dividers. Now when you get to this step it is up to you on how many dividers you want, for us we want the rack to hold 4 bottles of wine. So we put 3 dividers on the rack and gave them equal spacing.

Inside Pieces: 6"L x 0.50"W x 6"H

Step 5: Finish the Wine Rack

Once you finally screw and/or nail in all your pieces together, you are then done making your own wine rack out of wood. From here if you want you can design it to make it look more exciting and add some flare to it like painting the wood, refurbishing it, sanding the edges, etc.

Front: 26"L x 1"W x 6"H

Step 6: Add the Wine Glass Holders (optional)

Now as many know the standard way to drink wine is with a wine glass. Typically you keep them in a cupboard, but when making this wine rack you can easily keep a wine glass attached to it by adding little pieces of wood at the bottom to hold up the wine glass upside down as shown in the picture above. Now if you do this step make sure you have the right measurements for the wine glasses you typically use.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, nice and simple! I like this.

    If you get it installed somewhere and loaded with bottles, you should add a photo of that into the intro. That would be fun to see the finished rack in place, and in use! :)

    Tahir the Wonderful
    Tahir the Wonderful

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you very much for your feedback. We will listen to your advice and try to get that photo up as soon as possible.