Introduction: Woodworking From Home

Everyone currently needs to stay at home but that doesn't mean we can't continue to do most of what we love. I have a small shop on Etsy " illustrisWorkshop ", and this whole thing has brought some difficulties on my crafts without the comfort of my workshop. But I found that I can do most of my crafts, even at my house.

Step 1: The Desk May Have & Other Uses

I usually work in my office like this, with all the work done from the laptop and everything around me to be clean and tidy. But now it is time for change and revision!

Step 2: Τransformation Ιnto Workbench

Now my office desk is more like a workbench, with tools and sawdust literally everywhere. And I can say that maybe I like it better. So there are no more excuses and let everything get dirty!

Step 3: Household Tools

In woodworking one of the most important tools you will need in abundance is the clamps. And I just realized that in a house you can use more items as tools than you could imagine. That's exactly what I do with those pegs.

Step 4: Lunch Time

After I've turned the whole house into a workshop, my only problem is that I have the tools now everywhere, even on the table I eat. But I've learned to coexist with tools in the best possible way! :)

Step 5: My Own Sign

In your house, you can be anyone you want and be free to do whatever you want.

Stay home and be creative!

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