Woolen Neck Guard

Introduction: Woolen Neck Guard

I am from an eastern state of India, where we used to experience mild winter. So, due to mild winter and the winter season lasts only for two to three months, we have limited scope to wear and use warm and woolen things like sweater, caps, gloves etc. With my modest knowledge in knitting, I tried my hand to knit a woolen neck guard. The neck guard gives comfort to the neck in winter. What I have tried to do to give comfort to neck as well as to the chest. The double knitted high neck gives warmth and comfort to the neck and the long chest guard saves chest from the chillness of the winter season.

Step 1: Materials Required

Pink woolen yarn : 75 gms

Blue woolen yarn : 25 gms.

Yellow woolen yarn : 25 gms

Knitting Needles Size : 9 UK

Crochet Hook Size : US E4/3.50mm

Threat Cutter

Show Buttons

Spring Buttons

Sewing Needle

Step 2: Long Tail Cast on Knitting

To cast on knitting I have used LONG TAIL CAST ON KNITTING method. I have cast 49 stitches with pink yarn.

Step 3: Knitting Chest Guard

Every row of the chest guard knitted only knit stitch. But, I have done the trick to every odd row to give it like tie shape. So odd rows start with knit to stitches, then " yarnover" and knitted up-to 23 stitches , then next three stitches are knitted together to decrease two stitches as I have increase one stitch by " yarnover" method , same I will do at second last stitch. I have used pink for 8 rows. After that 2 rows blue , then 2 rows yellow, and again 2 rows blue. I have maintained this sequence up-to 84 rows. Last 8 rows knitted with pink yarn. Chest guard almost done.

Step 4: High Neck

I have knitted high neck with DOUBLE SIDED KNITTING METHOD. Chest is only front part and high neck covers the neck. So, to make the high neck, I have to cast on 50 stitches extra for each end and joined with chest guard. I have applied long tail cast on method.And knitted up to 2 1/2" by using DOUBLE SIDED KNITTING METHOD. Finally bind off.

Step 5: Crochet Lace

Both sides of the chest guard , I have done crochet lace by pink yarn. First made a loop and joined it with the starting edge of the chest guard by a slip stitch. Then made 2 half double stitches at 1/2" gap then a chain and again 2 half double stitches at the same point. This has been done up to the neck both sides of the chest guard.

Step 6: Button Placement

I have stitched two show buttons one side of the high neck and two spring buttons at the both ends of high neck.

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    4 years ago

    Great idea! I'd even like one of these where I live in Colorado to help with wind protection :D


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks for your compliment !!!