Introduction: Wooly Knitted Beanie Hat

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this bottle green hat is the perfect hat for those cold days, and keeps your head so warm! This particular size is a tight fit , to keep that cold out! I will show you every step of the way so please comment and press the ❤️ Button if you like it!

Step 1: Casting On

This the is first step, you will be casting on 48 stitches, for this size, this is optional but 48 stitches is the average size for an adult. Once you've done this follow the next step....

Step 2: Start Knitting!

This hat is for familiar knitters, if you don't know how to knit and purl then unfortunately you can't do this particular pattern, I have a tutorial on purling, check it out if you need to. Let's keep going.

Once you have cast on your stitches start to knit every single one of the until they are on the other needle .

Step 3: You'll Get There !💥

Once you have got 1 full row of knit on one needle this is where the purl comes in, so what you need to do is bring the yarn and pull it towards you as shown on the picture. Then you put the right needle in front of the left. Then with the yarn you brought over, put it behind the right needle and in front of the left so that its trapped between the two.

Step 4: Sliding Off

After making your first purl stitch which should now be like the picture, you do an ordinary knit. Then a purl, then a knit, and carry on until you get to the end of the needle, this should end in a purl stitch. Remember to keep bringing the yarn over and putting it back every time you do a stitch ( put it back for a normal knit and bring it forward for a purl) most of you should know how to do this. To put it simply. You should basically just knit one purl one and so on till you get to the end of the row.

Step 5: Keep Going !☀️

Once you've knit one purled one the entire row, the next row is just strictly purling, and the entire hat is just knit one purl one row then just a purl row and keep doing this till your hat is as long as the picture shows.

Step 6:

Step 7: JUST Purl

This part is simple just purl the entire row!

Step 8: Simple As That

All you need to do is keep repeating this step until the hat looks a good size then cast of with you tapestry needle. There are plenty youtube videos on casting off with tapestry needles and seaming hats together so if you're unfamiliar with that process, watch some videos to get used to it.

Step 9: Finishing Result!

This is what the pattern of the hat looks like, it's very basic but looks unique. Applying a Pom Pom is optional, I used tiny one just to try it. So this is the hat once cast off and seemed. I hope you learnt something here! Be sure to favourite it and comment. I love feedback. Also leave questions if needed. Thanks very much!


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