Introduction: Wooly Mammoth Hat Rack

This fuzzy buddy hangs sturdily on your wall waiting to catch your stray hats and scarves with his handy trunk and tusks. He's sure to add whimsy to any room!

He was designed in Adobe Illustrator, and I lasercut his three layers from 1/4" acrylic. I used a vac-u-former heat bed to soften the top layer so that I could curl his trunk and tusks. I used paper coffee cups to bend the acrylic, as they were the right size and slightly conical. I then sprayed each layer with fluorescent paint, but kept the paper film over the tusks as they were bent so I could hit just the edges with the paint. I then adhered the three layers together with acrylic cement, and spray-mounted felt over his body for a fun wooly effect. I painted two buttons for his eyes and attached with quick set glue. Hangs with a push pin easy!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::: :::  :::: ::  ::: : :  :  ::

1/4" acrylic sheet
Acrylic Cement
Quick Set Glue of your choice
Fluorescent Aerosol Paint
Paper Coffee Cups
Push Pin for mounting
Vac-u-former/ Heat Bed
Laser Cutter

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