Introduction: Word Rings

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In this instructable, I will show you how to make word rings. I took the set 'You are cool' for example. I hope you like it!

Step 1: What Do You Need

To make this project, you will need:

- Wire
- Pliers
- Round object matching the size of your finger
- Paper
- Pen/pencil (Something to write with will do)

Step 2: Writing

First, choose your text and write it down. Using short words will keep it simple.

Think about how to write it so you can make it with wire.

Step 3: The Y of You

So, write it down the way you are going to bend it.

Cut a piece of wire.
Start at the point where you also started writing: The left top of the Y.
Then, bend the wire down. Using the flat nose plier, press the wire closer to the U shape you just created.
With the round nose plier, you can shape the bottom of the Y.

Step 4: The O of You

Take your round nose plier to form the O.
After the O, leave the wire pointing upwards.

Step 5: The U of You

Bend the wire down against the O. Use the flat nose plier to press the wire close against the O.
Using the bigger part of the round nose plier, shape the U.

Step 6: The You Ring

Take your round object and press your word against it. Use the wire to make the ring, by wrapping it around the object until you reach the beginning of your word.
The second picture shows where to bend the wire back. When you've bent it back, put it trough the first letter.
Put it back on the round object and shape it, so it becomes round. You can work away the last bit by wrapping it around the ring. 

That was the You ring!

Step 7: The a of Are

Write down the word the way you are going to bend it. 

Make half a circle. This will be the first part of the A. Then, bend the wire right up to close the A.
Bend the wire down again and press it closer to the A with the flat nose plier.

Step 8: The R of Are

Bend the wire up again. Then make an almost closed circle and finish the R by making a diagonal line down.

Step 9: The E of Are

The E is very simple. You just have to make a imperfect loop and then bend the wire to the side. 

Step 10: The Are Ring

The closing of this ring is exactly the same as with the You ring.

Step 11: The Cool Ring

Can you figure this ring out yourself?

Now you have your own set of rings! What can you come up with? Please, show me!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

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