Introduction: Work Piece Spacers

Hello and welcome to this quick and cheap DIY life hack.

While working on another DIY project i noticed that i would need something to put fresh painted work pieces on. So i thought i would show you how i solved that problem.

You will need:

  • a cutter
  • thick and hard cardboard (i used finn-cardboard)
  • hot glue or any other kind of glue that will glue cardboard
  • something to draw lines on the cardboard

Step 1: Marking and Cutting the Cardboard

For one standoff/holder we will need three triangles, and big one and two smaller ones (when put together the two small ones make one big triangel).

First i drew a mesh out of rectangles (2cm X 3,5cm) and than drew triangles from the Corner of the rectangles, so that the line follows a zig zag movement. After that i marked the big triangles (b) and the small triangles (s), so that i have the correct amount of triangles. For every big triangles come two small triangles.

Than i cut everything, always making sure that the triangles stay with each other.

Step 2: Gluing Everything

As the step title says, now we can glue everything together. The two triangles on the opposite sides of the big triangle, but always make sure that the bottom of the triangles line up with each other, so that they lay flush on the table and don't wobble around.

Now the standoffs are finished and you can put something that must dry on the standoffs, so that the wet paint doesn't touch the full ground.

I hope you liked my very short instructable and that it could help you. Thanks for reading.