Introduction: Work Shop Laptop Fix!

Ever had a laptop's hinges break off? Gotten a better computer since then? Let's mount it so we can use it again!

-screws (I used wood screws but if you have sheet rock walls, you could use screws with anchors)
-At least 3 L brackets (I said at least 3 because you could add more to secure the sides ) (if possible, make sure they all are a little flexible so you can bend the ends to keep the laptop from coming off)
-2X4 if you want but not necessary if your brackets are thin enough


optional tools:
-paddle bit to counter sink the holes
-level to keep everything sexy!

I don't recommend doing this if your computer is still under warranty.

I have no cost because all my materials were scrap.

I did everything before I decided to make an instructable so forgive me. I first drilled the L bracket on the top of the 2X4 to support the monitor. Curl the end so it doesn't block the screen. Put the computer up and use a pencil or something to mark your computer's height.
Then mount the L brackets to support the keyboard and mouse part of the laptop. On this one I didn't have a pliable L bracket so I improvised with a paper clip. This is something you have to do with your own creativity (I just don't trust my method that much but you could use anything like hot glue or something to keep it from falling). Then, at the top of the screen you want your last L bracket to stick out more so that you can adjust it for viewing.

Enjoy your wall mounted laptop, and it's not permanent so you can take it down if you need to adjust it!