Introduction: Waves : a Work-space Partition

This is a easy work-space partition/curtain made with waste paper that was lying around in my work-space.

Step 1: What Will You Need?

to make the partition you will need to,

  • collect a lot of waste paper/chip packets
  • wooden plank & facility for basic wood work
  • clutch wire and stopper
  • screw hook

Step 2: Cut Into Two

cut your wooden plank into 2 equal parts.You can do it on the band saw or any suitable machine..

Here I have a teak wood plank of 5x5x70 centimeters.

I have also leveled and given basic finish to both the pieces.

Step 3: Make Groove

Make a grove of 2 centimeter width. It is good to have this to hide the details and give a clean finish to your divider.

While doing this, you can also use a router machine to give a equal radius (fillet) for a safe edge to the wooden planks.

Step 4: Drill Holes

Now you want to drill holes from which you can pass the clutch wires.

I made holes of 2.5 mm as I don't like the wire to act flimsy.

Step 5: Smooth Finish

A must step for wood working is sanding.

I like to remove any unnecessary grains or rough edges, and do it with hand. I used a 60 grit and 220 grit sand paper for the finish. You can use a buffing machine too!

Step 6: Pass the Wire

I have passed 5 wires because I wanted 5 columns going through the length of the plank.

Again, you can change it according to your preference.

Step 7: Ready the Paper

you can choose any material, Here I have tried to cut all the waste paper around me in equal width so that my partition has a nice finish. I tried a bunch of color combinations. You can try as it pleases you.

Step 8: Start With the Paper

you can literally try any pattern.

It can be random or you can insert the paper to make waves like I did.

Step 9: Add Some More Paper Strips..

Keep adding paper!

Once you get a hang of it you can really enjoy doing this :)

Once you have achieved the height that you wish, add the other piece of plank and put stoppers on the clutch wires.

Step 10: Add Stoppers

After you are done with inserting all the paper, make sure you make small beads with glue gun on equal distance on each wire so the paper won't drop down because of gravity.

Step 11: Hang

just add the 2 screw hooks and your divider is ready to hang!

Step 12: And It's Done :)