Introduction: Workbench Improvement

Just a little mod for my Harbor Freight rolling work bench. the reason for the change is simple I do everything from small wiring jobs. To large projects that take up the whole bench. I always needed a way to hold the part i'm working on. I didn't go to crazy on the parts just used the things I had around the shop. I had a bunch of 1/4 20 bolts. so I used them you can get the inserts for any size of bolt and thread type. Tee nuts could also be used. I plan on making a new top in the future so I am not worried about destroying the top. But it turned out to work very well . the point of it is to hold the part im working on. other attachments can be made to fit the bench now. all you need is a 1/4-20 thread and it can screw straight into the top. but enough of the boring stuff on to the build.


Parts used:

48 inch drywall tee square tape measure Rivet nut 1/4 -20 ( use what ever size you need) (also called nutsert, rivet nuts ) the tool to install the Rivet nut ( Giantisan 16" Rivet Nut Tool, Professional Rivet Nut Tool Setter Kit)

, marker, drill, hammer. counter sink a few bolts wont hurt during the install

Step 1: Draw Out the Spacing

I used 6 inch spacing mark across the work bench every 6 inch. then mark from the other direction I used 6 inch also. any size can be used.

Step 2: Drill Out the Holes

Use the correct size drill bit and drill out the holes. try to keep the drill as straight as possible. after all the holes were drilled I went ahead and used a counter sink to make sure the surface was flush as possible. After all the drilling is done. clean up the top. This ensures the wife cant complain about you tracking it into the house. that never happens at my house lol

Step 3: Add the Rivet Nuts

Add all the rivet nuts into the holes. some persuasion may be needed. take a bolt that fits the thread type . screw it in a few turns and tap it in. once it is flush remove the bolt.

Step 4: Setting the Rivet Nut

insert the rivet tool with the arms open. when it has been screwed all the way down. pull the arms together. This will squeeze the nut into place against the side of the hole. repeat to all the holes

Step 5: Use the Bench

now you can screw any support down to hold any item you wish.