Introduction: Workbench in Closet

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I built this workbench because my backroom went from being just a workroom to a workroom and a laundry room. So I had to build a new workbench. This workbench had been on my mind for a while because I thought that I was under utilizing my closet. Before I built my bench the closet had some old metal baskets in their as shelves and no real organization otherwise. My old bench was a 5' x 3' table top with a 2"x4" frame holding it up. As you may have figured out that this is an over sized "floating" shelf.

Step 1: Frame

I built the frame using the 2"x4"s I had from taking my old bench apart. I started by screwing the 2"x4"s into studs in my wall around the closet. Then I added some cross bracing for stability. Throughout this step I used 3 inch drywall screws to put everything together.

Step 2: Top

After I built the frame I used some 1/2" OSB for the top of the workbench that I got from my dad's shed. Since they were already cut into 2' by 4' pieces they fit right into the closet. Then I cut some of the plywood for the front of the workbench.

Step 3: Finished Workbench

This is my finished workbench. As you have probably seen from some previous pictures that I put my pegboard up and hung my tools before I finished the bench top.