Introduction: Workbook Ice Cleats

I do a lot of work in the winter and I've always had trouble with working on ice. That's why I made these ice cleats. They are easy to attach and give me plenty of grip when I'm working in the snow.

Step 1: Materials

1. Aluminum sheet metal
2. Rivets
3. Copper wire
4. Take binding heel clip

Step 2: Cutting the Metal

First make a template of the bottom of your boot. You will also need to metal strips to make the toe piece so make sure to cut those out too. Once you have your template set it on your aluminum sheet metal and make an outline with a sharpie. Next cut out the shape you have drawn on your sheet metal.

Step 3: Toe Clip

Once you have cut out the plate rivet the two metal strips and rivet them to the plate. Next take your boot and place it on the plate and bend the toe pieces over the boot toe and rivet those pieces together.

Step 4: Heel Clip

To make the heel clip first take your copper wire and make a loop just big enough to fit a rivet. Next measure the distance to the heel of the boot and rivet the clip to the plate.