Introduction: Working Homemade Operation Game Costume

To make a working Operation Game costume you will need:

1 Operation Game
1 red shirt
1 white shirt
Sheet of thick foil
Sheet of thin cushion or styrofoam
bag of plastic bones
Plastic "guts" or something similar to cover the buzzer
Fake blood
Red clown nose
fabric glue or spray glue
razor blade or sharp knife
2-3 twist ties

Start by cutting a few holes in the white shirt where you want the guts and bones
Using Fabric glue or spray glue, Glue down the foil to the front of the Red shirt
... Then glue the thin foam to the top of the foil
Slip the White shirt over the Red shirt... line it up carefully..
Use a razor knife and cut the foam where you see it in the holes... Do not cut through the foil
Also cut the foil back so only a half inch is visible in the holes

Tear apart your working operation game to get the buzzer... Leave the wire and tweezers attached
I used twist ties to hold the heavy buzzer to the shirt... and then covered the buzzer with some plastic guts we found at the halloween store.
Make a small foil "wire" by twisting it and then attach the buzzer to the foil in the shirt.
The buzzer should now be working anywhere you touch the foil
Glue the bones in the holes... and add blood as desired.  You can use small velcro pieces if you want to remove the bones too.
Put on the red nose and you're all done.

You can see the costume working on YouTube at

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