Introduction: Working Spiderman No Way Home Web Shooter With Free Templates and Design Files

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Hey, Creators Good to see you again reading my instructable.

In this project, we will make a gold version no-way home web shooter from spiderman that works like real but the interesting part here is unlike others we are not using any springs or magnets which some might find difficult to get!

To begin with, I highly recommend you not to miss reading any steps as each and every simple step contribute to the functionality of these web-shooter as the reading time is less than 5 minutes!

Most importantly You can make this web-shooter even if you don't have any 3D Printer!

Yes! You heard it right, I have taken my time to prepare a template by which you can make this cardboard too!

Note: If you are interested in making Real web-shooters from Miles morales or PS4 version You must check these awesome Tutorials

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If you are making a 3D print version you need

  • PLA Filaments
  • 3D printer
  • Cura software or any other for slicing
  • Superglue
  • White Thread
  • Rubber band

If you are making from cardboard

  • Cardboard from a cereal box works better
  • Glue
  • Fabric paints and paintbrush
  • Thread and elastic band

Step 1: The Template for Cardboard Version

As mentioned earlier this is the template for the cardboard version web shooter, Just cut the pieces from cardboard as per these measurements and you are good to go

Once you have these models ready the following steps will be the same as for 3d print parts

Step 2: STL Files for 3D Print Web Shooter

These are the free STL files for making no way home web shooter, I have made other versions of web-shooters like PS4 version web shooter, Miles morales web shooter you can check them here

Just Download these STL files and open them in any slicing software, I recommend using Cura slicer as it is very easy to use

Once you have 3D print ready we can start to assemble them

Note: Print all the 5 parts separately with adhesion on each for promising prints

Parts and their functions

Barrels This is used to insert and remove web shooter aka web slinger part

Gold tip Tip part that gives the gold theme for this Body

Spidey Logo that shows what our project is about!

Web Body Frame in which we assemble all other parts

Web sh Slinger that carries thread in short web

Step 3: Assembly of 3D Print Parts

It will take around hours to get all the printing work done

If you made these parts from cardboard the assembly steps are same

For easier understanding, I have placed all the parts on top of the measurements with which I made template

Step 4: Getting Everything Together

The assembly steps are very easy just add a rubber band to the body and to keep them in place I used a small piece of filament, You can also use toothpicks for this

Now add all the barrels inside this body, Use superglue to firm everything

Step 5: Adding Gold Theme

To give a golden look for this project I used gold paint which I got from hobby shop

For the tip cap and spiderman logo I painted this gold paint which took few hours to be dry

And with the help of superglue I coupled these to Body

Step 6: Making It Wearable

To make this wearable i used belt that was recycled from my old backpack, you can also use watch strap for the purpose

Adding few drops of superglue will get the work done

For web slinger I used 120cm of sewing thread attached to tip of slinger part, This will work as web

Step 7: Finishing

Well, we are at the last step of the project, These are some of the snap which was taken while the web shooter was in action!

This is one of the wonderful projects which you should definitely try to make that you can keep for yourself or gift your loved ones

Any questions let me know in the comments, Thank you for your time and interest

Step 8: Video of No Way Home Web Shooter