Introduction: Working With Robots

Advances in miniaturization technologies and computing have allowed to increase the routine use of unmanned aircraft, once done by man. The highest repeatability and work based on rules can now be automated using robotics sophisticated.

The robot mechanical electro-optics are ideal for repetitive work, according to specific rules require specific actions and in areas where there is potential danger. People need to pay, vacations, coffee breaks and a working environment very comfortable. Programmable robot kits are not. Persons boring routines that can lead to fatigue, which in turn leads to errors and failures. Robots are immune to boredom.


Robots are available in different shapes and refinement. Almost all of them are used in production. auto plants are very pleased to be controlled by human workers and automatically manage the work, so that the arms and welding machines robotics based ink AI and assemble the various auto parts and finishes moving car in distribution and plant test.

Another use for robots working in food factories, for example, has a variety of chocolate chip cookies or candies in boxes. A computer with a valve typical tracker with optical sensors on a treadmill in motion so that the aggregate robot kits to collect and multiple objects in a container. These devices can be properly configured to provide the necessary volumes of predictable levels of quality and cost structure of the product at affordable prices everyday.

Computers and devices cable responsible robotically welded and some spare minutes to chipsets. Type "pick and place" robot anchored in the circuits found in all electronic devices mobile radios.

In The Hospitals
Robots are increasingly common in the areas of pharmaceuticals and hospitals. The same robot "pick and place" can be packed in boxes or bottles of medications are used for the distribution market. Often they are sterile plants must find a prerequisite for the processing of pharmaceuticals.
We need you wheeled robot used in some hospitals or medical supplies and surgical equipment from one area to another to provide the same level. Some doctors robot remote surgery allows patients with feedback sensors that surgeon to explore the tissue detected by the robot allow instruments. They can be together, while for miniaturized robotic sensors described circulates in the blood by remote control as in science fiction, but it is certainly an exaggeration
Robots at home
Engineers and scientists now believe that robots will soon help our homes domestic robots do most routine tasks and meek of the earth. Some companies began working prototype cleaner and lawn mower, the chip "brains" sonar sensor base or "eye" optics and micro-valves and motors that can do most tasks on their own. .
They can go around the house to memorize their "assignments" and can pretty much clean the house or mow the lawn at pre-set hours of the day. Already in the market is a robotic lawn mower made by Friendly Robotics. It has bump sensors that define its obstacles and learns the area it will work on.