Introduction: Working Paper BB Gun

This gun is made completely out of paper, hot glue and tape and can shoot very hard and far. DO NOT point at any person or pet because it can and will hurt.

Step 1: Types of Paper Tubes and How to Roll Them

Scotch tape
Hot glue and hot glue gun
Projectiles(bb's /toothpicks/etc.)
Razor (optional)

There are 2 types of rolled paper: A & B
A is thin and very strong;made by rolling tightly from the corner than taping it closed at the end. And B is made by putting the A tube horizontally on the paper and rolling to form a hollow tube just big enough for type A to slip through. You need 5 type B tubes and 3 type A
(2 of the B's should be flattened after taping.
[Important: you will be cutting both types of tubes soon so make sure the whole side is taped well so it won't fall apart]

Step 2: Cutting to Shape and Gluing Pt. 1

7 - 5cm pieces of tube B
1 - 8cm Piece of tube B
1 - 16cm piece of tube B

Glue the 7 small pieces together at a slight angle then the 8cm piece on that. Estimate halfway and glue the long tube there. That will be the barrel and handle

Step 3: The Trigger

Put tube A through the 8cm tube B. Keep about half an inch out the back. Cut it to the size in the pictures and Bend it into the shape of a C and put about halfway through the top 5cm-er. Cut the edge of the back top hangover piece at an angle. It should be able to move freely back and forth

Step 4: Remainder of Handle

Use the flat B tubes from before and glue them around the edges. This supports the handle and makes the gun very durable.
Use another A tube and glue it in the 2nd 5cm-er and shape it to look like the gun in the picture. Then use the other flat B tube to cover that. (I filled in all gaps with hot glue gun to give extra support and make it look nice.)

Step 5: The Pushy Thingy

To make the pushy thingy use one A tube and size it so it's a little longer(about an inch) than the length of the whole gun. Fold it about an inch in and make a small tube the same size as that bent piece and glue it on top of that. Put the rubber bands in the fold and tape it all up TIGHT. (You can also cut an angle out on the bottom)
If you put the A tube in the B tube and stretch the rubber bands over than your guns ready to go.

Step 6: How to Shoot

Pull back top of gun until it clicks. Put in ammo(anything you want) then click the trigger
You can customise your gun. By using different coloured papers or adding a laser or a scope or any other customisation you want.
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