Introduction: Workout Outfit Organization Guide

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The hardest part of getting to a workout for me is getting dressed and out the door. That has become even more of an issues lately so I came up with a no-excuse solution: I prep'd 4 days of workout clothes on the closet door.

Now I have a 2 days of yoga outfits, 2 days of running outfits with accessories and both my outdoor and treadmill shoes ready to go.


Your Workout clothes

An over the door shoe organizer

Step 1: Hang the Shoe Organizer

Hang the organizer and decide what you want where.

I put the shoes on the bottom, this way any dirt and grime from my outdoor runs won't fall on any clean clothes.

Small items like hair ties and headbands are fairly low. This way I can see what is in the pocket.

Step 2: Row 1- Pants

Pants are at the very top for three reasons:

1- I am all legs so my pants are really long, therefore bulky and it doesn't feel like they invade my space too much

2- My pants sit tall in the pockets and interfere with any pocket that would be above it

3- Since the pants a stick out of the pocket, I can hang my caps on them

Fold the pants in half lengthwise and roll. Then just slide into a pocket.

Step 3: Row 2 - Shirts

The next row down is shirts.

Shirts are rolled up as well. I roll them strategically to leave the logo or design visible.

Two of the pockets have running shirts, and two have shirts I like for yoga (these are just tighter and sleeveless )

Step 4: Row 3 - Under Things

The next row down holds my inner layer, bras, panties/shorts and socks.

Shorts are rolled up.

Bras are folded

Knee-high socks are rolled up and short running socks are just folded and placed into the bra cup

Step 5: Row 4 - Heart Rate Monitors & Random Accessories

I've had weird cardiac arrhythmias and other cardiac (and pulmonary) issues since I was 14 so I have a ton of heart rate monitors/watches/computer. All the devices have their own charger, chest band and accessories in a little garmin pouch.

Pocket 1 - 3 each have a running or multisport watch and its accessories.

Pocket 4 = An arm-band heart rate sensor for mobile devices & random accessories, like lip balm, extra zipper pulls, shoe laces and those little weird sleeve scrunchies that keep your t-shirt sleeves rolled up.

Since we are stuck inside, a Schosche arm band is the only one that is in rotation at the moment

Step 6: Row 5 - Hair and Cold Accessories

The next row down has all my hair and cold weather accessories

1st pocket : Headbands. These are folded and stacked to let me easily pick out the one I want.

2nd pocket: Hair ties, lots and lots of hair ties. All separated by type and color with small carabiners.

3rd pocket: Beanies. These are folded into triangular-ish shapes to let me pick the one I want

4th pocket: Gloves, neck gaiters and wrist bands.

Step 7: Row 6 - Shoes

This one is easy, its just 2 pairs of running shoes, my street shoes and my gym/treadmill shoes.

Step 8: Go Workout

Now, its all organized, and handy. I have four full workout kits ready to go.

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