Introduction: Workshop Cabinet With Reused Materials

I decided to do cabinets for my new shop using the maximum of reused materials as possible.

It would have been much easier to buying new and planed wood and easy to make lumber right angle cuts but this isn't my goal.

Step 1:

For the structure I used timbers beams and slat that left over from a roof restoration.

The length depends the dimensions that you want for your work shop and the fruit boxes that you can find for the drawers.
For the height I decided that 1 meter is good for more drawers and how is a litle taller it's more easy to work.

Step 2:

To hold the drawers I used wood scraps that would go to the fireplace.

Step 3:

As the timbers are not trimmed the solution to nivelate the drawers was use a leveler.

Step 4:

The drawers height depends the type of fruit boxes that you find.

On my case I used boxes with 50 centimeters length so the space that I lived it was between 51 and 52 centimeters to compensate the timbers that were naturaly curved.

Step 5:

For a better glide I glued fruit boxes wood strips.
In some drawers the stripe was glued a little outside to compensate crooked wood.

Step 6:

For the front of the drawers I used pallet wood strips.
I cutted with the necessary length and if the drawers were higher than the strips I glued two.

Step 7:

I burned the wood to get the black colour.

Step 8:

I cut the bottle corks a little to the handles not be so lengthy. Stick with white glue and also screwed with a long screw so that the cork does not break.

Step 9:

Ice cream chopsticks and screws are a great solution to do hang tags for the drawers.

Step 10:

To save the tools I used styrofoam cutted to size of each tool.

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