Introduction: Workshop Chair With Air Compressor From Scrap

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Hello everyone, in this project I wanna show you how to make Workshop Chair with Air Compressor inside. All parts to make this project I found in scrap. I made video and step by step instruction how to make it.

Materials :

- 2 old car's rims
- 3 small wheels
- steel profile
- screws amd nuts
- air compressor
- piece of wood
- clear varnish

Tools :

- welder machine
- hamer
- pencil
- belt sander
- table saw (or bandsaw)
- grinder machine
- pliers
- brush

If you have any questions, please leave comment below.
I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching :)

Step 1: Make Tamplate of Rim's Edge

Make template of rim's edge, it is very helpful with cutting steel profile.

Step 2: Cut and Weld Legs

I prepered 3 legs to my chair, angle between them is 120 degree. Draw path using templates and cut a shape. When your legs are well matched to rim, just weld them.

Step 3: Wheels

Now prepare wheels to welding. I had to improve them a little bit. When wheels are ready, just weld them to legs.

Step 4: Time for Air Compressor

I used compressor from old fridge. To connect compressor with rim use bolts with nuts. When everything is in place, weld second rim on top.

Step 5: Make a Little Hook

Make a little hook and weld it to the chair. Hook will help organize cables.

Step 6: Cut Circle From Wood

Now take some piece of wood to make a seat. Clean surface (I used belt sander) and draw a circle using beam compass. Cut circle and improve the edges. After that screw seat to chair.

Step 7: Paint and Done :)

When chair is assembled you can start paint . I painted only wooden circle (clear varnish). I not painted the other parts, because I like rusty style.

Now your chair is finished ready to use :)

I hope you enjoy.

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