Workshop Hanging Organizer

Introduction: Workshop Hanging Organizer

Trying to maximise the space in my little workshop I made this spool and tape organizer hanging from the roof

Its all constructed from 1/2 inch PVC it cost only a few bucks

Step 1: Cutting

You will need every thing in the image i dont put the measures it will be diferent acording to your roof and heigh

Step 2: Sawing

Cut 2 of this 90 deg angle couples like in the image

And 4 T couples make the same cut

Try to cut a little above from the middle allowing to press the pvc pipe and make click

Also drill 1 hole in 2 threaded end caps

Step 3: Ataching

Atach the end caps to the roof

Step 4: Organize

Glue all parts like the image the T couples are in different directions like in the image . screw the terminals to the endcaps atached to the roof , then add the long PVC pipes in the T facing the center and add some short pice to the ones facing the front

Hang all your spools in the center and all your tapes in the pipes facing the Front, Also you can make some spools for your wire using scrap MDF and some 1 inch scrap pvc pipe.

Hope this can get useful to some one

(sorry for the bad english its not my native language)

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Love it simple and easy going to use this in my work shop.