Introduction: Workshop Island From Kitchen Unit

I won't get too prescriptive in this Instructables. I basically scored myself a free kitchen unit and wanted to use it as the basis for a mobile workbench.

You will need

1. Some sort of discarded kitchen unit - ideally with a thick worktop. This is more for structural reasons than anything else.
2. An old steel bed frame - I got mine from the tip
3. Some wheels with brakes
4. A work surface of your choice. I bought an old board room table online for $30. I was hoping to get an old kitchen table or something but this was a pretty good solution.
5. Spray paint
6. Some brackets to secure the top to the unit.


1. Angle grinder to cut bed frame to size
2. Welder to weld frame back together and weld wheels onto base.
3. Screwdriver.

Angle grinders and welder are dangerous and this Instructable assumes you can use this equipment safely

Step 1:

By the time I had taken a photo, I had already cut the bed frame to size, put the wheels on and lifted the unit onto the frame. I had a spare bit of maleamine that I used to widen the whole unit and create a platform at the rear.

You can see here that the table top is not yet secured.

Remember to measure twice and cut once!

Step 2:

Get your spray paint out and exercise any artistic bent you may have. Mine just extends to grey and a flash of red.

Step 3:

Secure your top to the unit using some suitable brackets

Step 4:

Here's your finished unit., full of functionality, even if it's a bit rough,

Oops - forgot to check its level - that would have really annoyed me so inserted some wedges. Not pretty but won't be seen

Step 5:

Now it's level, here's the finished unit. Really low cost and always good to repurpose what would otherwise be landfill