Introduction: Workshop Magnetic Gloves

¿Getting crazy trying to find a place where to leave the drill bits or screws ?

¡ Solve this with only a few magnets and a heat shrink tube!

¡You will be able to make any gloves magnetic with this easy trick!


- Workshop gloves.

- Neodime magnets, quantity depence on the size you choice.

- Heat shrink tube, same size as magnets.

Tools required: Lighter, and hot glue gun. Alternatively you can use instant glue too.

Step 1: Get Ready the Magnets

- First you will need to prepare the magnets in a flat mode to get them in to the heat shrink tube properly. With this you will avoid the magnets getting stick bettween them.

- When you are happy on magnets possition just warm up the heat shrink tube to fix the magnets inside.

Step 2: Fix the Magnets to the Gloves

- Add some hot glue or instant glue to the heat shrink tube with the magnets allready inside and fixit to your desired place in the gloves, I will fully recomend the wrist area wich is the more stable area when we are working.

Step 3: Bonus Trick!

- Now you are done, just enjoy your instructables without messing with screws or drills.

- When you finish your projects, just store them in a metal rack ready for next uses.

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