Introduction: Workspace of the Spaceless

I live in a small "granny flat" that consists of two rooms - bedroom and everything else - kitchen, lounge, study and workroom.

It was built by my dad and has continued to be outfitted with more and more pieces. From the low roof (at least it cools and heats easy) to the kitchen (salvaged from a retirement village house before they sent it to landfill) it is a diy project I doubt will ever truly end.

Still, there is stuff piled on every flat surface (much to my mother's horror) and today I want to show you some of the sections that have designated themselves the craft and workshop areas.

Step 1: A Rare Snapshot of the Intruder

First off we have Chloe. One of the most antisocial cats you will ever meet. She prefers sleeping on your chair and is most commonly found in dad's workshed next door.

She is the only one who likes the mess.

Step 2: Junk Corner

This is the useless corner of a place where you really don't want to put anything nice. Its home to boxes, beads, a little trolley that was the only thing that would fit in that tiny little space, containers, wire and all those odds and ends that are hard to categorise. While there is a window here, it doesn't get much light, and the intruder has broken most of the bottom slats.

I have many 'oh, that's where that went!' moments while digging through this corner.

Step 3: Diecutter

This is my craft diecutter (pictured from the back of the unit) currently surrounded by other stuff on the "kitchen" table.

Step 4: Craft Box

My craft box/trolley. It was quite inexpensive and holds most of my paper-crafty items.

Step 5: Computer

The computer desk is a mess of general everyday items and discs and papers. I practically live at my desk. I'm too embarrassed to show it to you. The OS harddrive decided to die on me a few weeks back and I had to open it up and replace it then reinstall, so its in an even worse state than usual. However, my data is a little better ordered now.

Step 6: Storage

The corner kitchen cabinet is home to old course papers, all my computer parts and multitudes of cables (but never the one you need) and manuals and software discs. Currently blocking access to the sink which has a number of items from the workdesk that need to be scrubbed to death.

Step 7: The Workdesk

Now to the serious stuff!

This is the workdesk. It is MUCH cleaner than usual, due to the massive glitter cleanup I undertook today. Damn glitter. Gets into EVERYTHING!

Also, as it has been summer, not much has been going on here and most of the usual items that sprawl over the desk have been packed away... somewhere...

Step 8: The Catacombs

Lets start UNDER the desk. Home to empty boxes and things I usually don't want to look at.

In the first photo you will see to your left my Volta stick vac, which is a great little thing. makes cleaning the floor less hassle as its small and light and right there. Empty boxes are pushed to the backs and sides. A toolbox with my small number of tools (just the essentials - theres a whole shed of tools next door) and some cheap canvas art boards. One has paint swatches painted on them for my older paints which aren't that great.  Eventually I'll make one with my good paints.

Second photo is pretty bland. Just a bag of costume items which I ran out of space for. Along the sides are chemicals and some distilled water. I don't have kids or pets with thumbs, so they're safe there for now.

Third photo is a bin packed to the brim, an old whiteboard that hasn't been cleaned in at least 5 years (was once the dart score board) and the box of junk I really don't want to see. There is also a magnetic pickup stick with light stuck to the inner side of the desk. Handy when you drop things behind the desk, or when you're procrastinating and decide to discover what magnetic items you own 2 feet away.

Step 9: The Painting Side

We're into the heart of it now. Here you see my miniature painting area, which has been neglected over the summer. I only started last winter so there isn't too much to see. A magnifying lamp, a couple of other lamps, a homemade paint rack and brush holder, a lovely little handheld jeweller's vise with handmade stand (to its left) and another to lay it down (made from the packaging and an extra piece of rigid cardboard). You can also see Muppet Angel watching me over there. Lots of shoeboxes and containers holding who knows what are on the shelf (shelf is actually a retaining wall) behind.

Step 10: The Corner

You can't really do anything on the corner of a corner desk like this, so its just an area to shove uncommon items you still want close at hand. This is very neat and tidy for once.

Step 11: The Dirty Work

This is where all the messy stuff happens. Its currently missing the cutting mat as it needs a good clean - acually, it needs to be replaced but, meh. Pinned to the dartboard (by darts no less) is part of a bucket caddy which I cut up. I try to remember to put all the sharp stuff back in here so I don't poke myself with it later. I don't know where my plier set has gone though...

The dremel usually takes up a large chunk, especially with the hand piece attachment, but is currently safely put away. In a week or two, or maybe tomorrow, it will look like a bomb has exploded here.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look. Happy DIY'ing everyone!

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