Introduction: World Largest Hand Cranked Plastic Bottle Lamp

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In this project, I’m sharing with you a simple project I’ve done with my kids. This is a quick project you can start doing it NOW.


19 Liters Plastic Bottle

DC Motor/Generator (Permanent Magnet Type)

LED (Any Color you have or prefer)

Step 1: Medium: Giant Bottle

Fill the Plastic bottle with water. I filled this bottle with sea water with an electrical pump and a hose so I don’t waste fresh water.

Step 2: Light Source: LEDs and Motor

Connect the DC Motor/Generator with the LED. Don’t worry about the LED polarity. The Motor/Generator will work as a Generator in One or Both directions depending on the Motor/Generation Type.

Install the LED on the cap inside the Bottle.

Step 3: Rotate and Light

Rotate the Motor/Generator and you can see the LED illuminating inside the Bottle and giving it beautiful colors and effects. I’ve tried many LED Colors.

Also, you can test different places to put the LED to get different lighting intensity and effects.

Step 4: Videos

You can check my YouTube Channel for more project and video.

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