Introduction: How to Make Smallest LED Torch

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Hellooo friends ,wassup....!you are thinking that how can it be the world smallest LED torch, but the fact is is.i just love it.its so bright.TINY and so amazing and one more thing is that it is rechargeable.

Step 1: Things You Will Need.


-small mobile flash LED light
-push button 
-angry birds ball pen
-mini helicopter battery
-universal charger


-solding wire
-glue gun
-mini drill

Step 2: Get Started.

Take your mini LED and sold +positive and -negative points with RED + and BLACK- wires.Next you will have to take small side of capsule and make two small holes in it.Pass LED with wires through the capsule.I have done it to make LED strong, if i done do that than the sides of the LED + and - can be creaked.Just because it is too small.Now you have to take mini drill and make two holes in the ANGRY BIRD BALL PEN. One on the up side of the pen and second at the side of the pen.LED and the PUSH BUTTON is fitted in this part of the PEN.And add some hot glue in it.You can see it in pics uploaded down here.

And now connect LED to the battery that you have taken from mini helicopter.+ to + and - to -.Next take your connector and cut the blue part from it.Sold red wire + positive to battery's red wire to the +positive side and -negative to black wire which is negative.

Now finally close all the parts and don't forget to add the middle part.It is the part from which the two sides are connected.

And it's all.U have done it.

Step 3: Charging.

You should be thinking that how it will be recharged.....!The answer is simple.It can be charged by universal charger.You can see pics.There are too many connectors.You can charge it from any connector.  

Step 4: The Results.

WOW. I think it's great.

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