Introduction: Worldofcamera

The goal of this project is to take all the cameras listed on the site, and put them on a map.


a computer

Step 1: Install the Required Programs


Download and install python (

During installation tick the box add to PATH

After installation, press Windows + R simultaneously, enter cmd and press ok.

A window will open and you must enter " pip install beautifulsoup4 folium " without the quotes.


Step 2: Start the Program

Create a file named on the desktop for example.

Open the file with notepad and copy and paste the content of this web page

Once pasted, save and open it, a window will open that may take several minutes before it closes.

Once the window is closed, a new file has been created called index.html, open it with your browser if the question is asked.

Once opened, here is the map with all the cameras referenced on the site, just click on a marker and a popup will open with the video stream from the camera!

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