Worlds Cheapest Organizer

Introduction: Worlds Cheapest Organizer

It is cheaper than the stores

Step 1: FInd Box and Cut It Up

Find a box that is suitable for this build (about 2 foot long and 1 foot high)

Cut of the top flaps and glue/tape the bottom flags together.

Step 2: Drawer Slots

Use the cut out flaps and create a cross shape. You can stick this inside the middle and glue the edges.

Step 3: Boxes

Cut out pieces which you need to glue together to form boxes (leave one side open) (must be able to fit inside the cross) then do this 3 more times

Then add handle

Step 4: Finishing

Place the boxes into the slots. Then you are pretty much done.

(you can use 3 boxes and leave one slot open for shelf space if you want)

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    5 years ago

    Old cardboard is really useful :) I used some to make a tea caddy last week.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Yeah cardboard is good stuff. A lot can be done with it. Gluing cloth material on cardboard can make it a lot stronger too. It also looks nice then. But it is a bit tricky to get cloth on cardboard flat. I've used spray glue with zero open time. Maybe with PVA wood or white glue it would be better? I'll have to try it some time. PVA glue can even be thinned with water to apply it thinner and stretch it out.