Introduction: Worlds Cheapest Organizer

It is cheaper than the stores

Step 1: FInd Box and Cut It Up

Find a box that is suitable for this build (about 2 foot long and 1 foot high)

Cut of the top flaps and glue/tape the bottom flags together.

Step 2: Drawer Slots

Use the cut out flaps and create a cross shape. You can stick this inside the middle and glue the edges.

Step 3: Boxes

Cut out pieces which you need to glue together to form boxes (leave one side open) (must be able to fit inside the cross) then do this 3 more times

Then add handle

Step 4: Finishing

Place the boxes into the slots. Then you are pretty much done.

(you can use 3 boxes and leave one slot open for shelf space if you want)

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